Vincent van Gogh - Dr Paul Gachet Canvas Print

Vincent van Gogh - Dr Paul Gachet Canvas Print

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Color: Streched Canvas

Streched Canvas
Black Floating Frame
White Floating Frame
Brown Floating Frame
Rolled Canvas

3. Select Size: 22cm X 30cm [9" x 12"]

22cm X 30cm [9" x 12"]
50cm X 60cm [20" x 24"]
60cm X 91cm [24" x 36"]
75cm X 100cm [30" x 40"]
90cm X 120cm [36" x 48"]
100cm X 150cm [40" x 60"]
121cm x 193cm [48" x 76"]
60cm X 90cm [24" x 36"]
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Vincent van Gogh created the drawing Sorrow in 1882. The painting, which Van Gogh completed two years after deciding to pursue his artistic career, features Clasina Maria Hoornik, better known by her stage as Sien, a 32-year-old pregnant lady—widely regarded as a masterpiece of drafting, Sorrow. According to legend, Van Gogh ran upon Sien Hoornik and her five-year-old daughter Maria Wilhelmina in The Hague's streets in January 1882. Between 1882 and 1883, Van Gogh reportedly took care of her for about a year out of compassion and a sense of obligation.

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Streched Canvas, Black Floating Frame, White Floating Frame, Brown Floating Frame, Rolled Canvas

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22cm X 30cm [9" x 12"], 50cm X 60cm [20" x 24"], 60cm X 91cm [24" x 36"], 75cm X 100cm [30" x 40"], 90cm X 120cm [36" x 48"], 100cm X 150cm [40" x 60"], 121cm x 193cm [48" x 76"], 60cm X 90cm [24" x 36"]